Time To Say Good bye…

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Time To Say Good bye… After a stellar year at The Garden Road School we have decided to bring this wonderful journey to a close. It was not an easy decision to come to. This past year, the school has … Continue reading

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Saving Literacy – by Terese Giammarco

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This year I have added a new approach to our literacy curriculum.  It is a wonderful, creative, method designed by my dear friend Susan Sheridan.  The title of her book is, Saving Literacy: How Marks Change Minds.   This is a … Continue reading

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The Garden Road Station Will Be Our Next Stop…

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As we are nearing our 10 year celebration since the Garden Road began, I have been sorting through the many files and photos that we have collected throughout the years. I came across this beautiful poem written by one of … Continue reading

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Garden Road Gives Love to Our Veteran’s and Soldiers

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here is how Garden Road Students were sharing the love for the past few weeks: Our elementary school students have an ongoing intergenerational exchange with the residents at the Seabury at Fieldhome assisted living … Continue reading

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Dancing Our Way Through Black History Month

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This week, guest educator Belle Ritter, took Garden Road students through a tour of Black History through dance, rhythm and music. She captivated the children (mixed ages 3-8) for an entire hour of high energy and fun; moving them through … Continue reading

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What Are Your Kindergarten, First and Second Graders Up To?

This past week I received our regular bi-weekly update from my daughter’s teacher Terese Giammarco, one of the teachers for our mixed-age class of Kindergarten through Second Grade. I thought to share it with you as it is such a … Continue reading

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Community Supported Education Enriches Curriculum

K-2 Students make Chinese Lanterns

We are really blessed to have such wonderful parents participating in our school. At the Garden Road CSE (Community Supported Education), parents play an integral role in enriching the education process for our children.

For the past two weeks, the Garden Road preschoolers have been immersed in the study of China and its food, its language, its songs, its culture and its art as part of their World Cultures studies. One of our CSE moms came in and taught them how to make Chinese dumplings and also how to count and say hello. On top of that, she got all the grades involved by organizing an amazing visit from Kwan’s Kung Fu Studio in Peekskill who came and performed

Students feed the Lion!

The Lion Dance for everyone. The Lion Dance is a traditional Chinese dance in which good luck is summoned and bad spirits are driven away. It was quite a memorable experience for all and a nice way to bring in the Chinese New Year.

This is just one example of how our CSE parents initiate curriculum enrichment and make our children’s school experience exciting and diverse.

With Community Supported Education, everyone has something to offer. Teachers, parents and children collaborate and learn from each other for the benefit of all.

Here are a few pictures of some of projects done by the preschoolers in their  immersion of the Chinese Culture. Enjoy!

Paint and Collage Chinese Flag








Frog and Panda paper bag puppets










Chinese Jump Rope!



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Giving the gift of art to our elders

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These beautiful “watercolor with crayon resist” paintings were done by our K-2 students. They will be gifts for the elders at the Seabury assisted living home in Cortlandt. The children have been fostering a relationship with the residents of the … Continue reading

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Special Guest!

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Today the Garden Road had a very special guest, Rev. Claire Woodley-Aitchison (Mother Claire) from St. Mary’s Church on Rte 6. Mother Claire told us the some REAL stories about St. Nicholas. The children were absolutely riveted by the stories which … Continue reading

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Owls Nov Update

Dear Owl Families,

It gives us great pleasure to watch the children learn, and grow. It seems
that each day they are together the Owls get closer. They are playing
together, working together, and learning together.

The Owls watched each other closely the last full week we were together as
we worked on the lump “careful. “The children had to work together to
build a tower out of the cardboard bricks, being “careful” not to let it
fall. They sometimes held their breath as their classmates took turns
placing the bricks on top of each other. They also offered encouragement
or suggestions, when someone was trying to decide where to put their
brick. They also had to be careful taking turns holding, and passing a
“very special “glass figure of Ms. Donna’s. They really took their time
handing it off so as not to drop and break it.
We discussed that while it is important to be careful in our actions, it
is also important to be careful with our words as well. We acted out some
different scenarios and talked about how words can hurt. The Owls seemed
to really enjoy this lesson. Check them out in action!

Donna and Diane

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