Giving Garden

Parents help build Community Garden

The Garden Road School community garden space, known as The Giving Garden is a project that  incorporates outdoor learning, community development, agricultural and food education. Not only will food be grown for a CSA, (Community Supported Agriculture) but local community members will also have the opportunity to rent a raised bed for the growing season and be part of a community garden.

In this program plant care responsibilities such as watering and weeding will be shared by the group. Participants will have access to group gardening tools as well as advice from someone experienced in different farming techniques and practices. As the growing season approaches, after-school programs for children in the local community of different ages will begin. This summer ‘The Giving Garden’ will be a part of the Garden Road summer camp program.  During the school year students at The Garden Road will be cultivating their own plots of land!


Every Friday during garden time students of different grades learn about the various aspects of farming, food and the natural world. This encompasses learning about the organisms present on a farm, the way seasons affect plants, and the actual techniques involved in growing food from the earth. Incorporating gardening, community and education will be one of many steps towards an integrated and healthy learning process for children and adults alike.

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