Elementary School

Elementary Students experiment with home made sundials in the community garden

This full-time program provides an equivalency of instruction with the New York State Core Curriculum Requirements. In addition to all required academic subjects, children engage in a wide variety of games, field trips, getting to know the local community, self discovery, and expression through all of the arts.

The academic curriculum is aligned to the New York State Core Curriculum Requirements. Students engage in academic studies, furthering their reading and writing, and building on their basic understandings of mathematics, history, science, and the world around them through practical, fun, whole body activities. Each subject is studied through a multidisciplinary approach. Every aspect of the day relates to the immersion in the subject. Typically, each course of study will last two weeks. Not only does this allow for maximum academic learning, it also ensures that all students find their own way to relate to the subject at hand.

"Reading Buddies" 2nd grader reads to preschoolers

Literacy Program
The Garden Road uses a combination of best practices that includes Words in Color, Handwriting Without Tears, Writer’s Workshop, Picturing Writing, and more, to make a holistic and effective program that gives a child the confidence and ability to develop their own love affair with reading, writing and oration.

Singapore Math 
Research has shown Singapore Math to be the most effective curriculum for teaching mathematics. The children love the combined program of rigorous learning, a multiple intelligence approach to mathematics, and inquiry and logic-based approaches to learning. To read more about this method, visit the Singapore Math website. The LA Times has another article featuring the professor who trained the Elementary School Coordinator, as well as more about this method’s successes.