Our philosophy is centered on education of the whole child. Throughout our curriculum, academics, creative arts and core human values merge to meet the needs of each and every student’s individual learning styles. The result is a holistic setting in which each child’s potential is realized and nurtured.


What makes the Garden Road unique is the integration of academics, creative arts and essential qualities that promote a natural, holistic education. At The Garden Road, we foster each child’s own natural genius and nurture the development of individual talents and strengths. We combine academic learning requirements, as defined by the New York State Department of Education, with universal human qualities that we believe are equally important. The practice of such qualities as self-confidence, awareness and adaptability, is inseparable from our curriculum, as these are part of real-life requirements for all ages.

Our academic approach implements experiential, sensory, all-round learning, with application into practical living. Our studies are integrated with the arts: music, dance, theater, movement, singing, and fine arts.


The method of learning is one of immersion in a subject, based on the understanding that for retention and comprehension, a longer, slower and more continuous processes are best. Each subject is studied in what is known as a “thematic immersion” segments of two weeks or longer; so that a child can soak fully in a territory through as many media as possible. This process creates more depth in a child’s understanding of what is being taught.

One of our goals at the Garden Road is for each child to fall in love with learning. Part of our curriculum, which we call “generating options,”  provides a myriad of experiences for the children to learn from, opening as many pathways in the brain as possible. This builds self-confidence, ‘I can do,’ and enables a child to keep their “channels” of learning open.


In addition to the educational approach, we emphasize the school’s ecology, because we understand that the learning environment is very important. The layout and design of the classrooms and play spaces allow learning to be fun and easy, minimizing stress, so as to enhance absorption of the learning process.  With smaller class sizes there is more one-on-one attention, allowing the educators have more direct contact with each child.

The school is a natural community where children, parents, and faculty, along with many other helpers and friends, work together in partnership. Through our communication and cooperation, we can provide this special opportunity for the children, who need the input and support of a community to build a healthy identity. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

At the Garden Road, we are proud to be pioneering a new approach to education in America. We are passionate about giving the children a good start in life, for they are the future leaders and citizens of the world.