About Our School

The philosophy of The Garden Road School is centered on education of the whole child. Throughout its curriculum, academics, creative arts and core human values merge to meet the needs of each and every student’s individual learning styles. The result is a holistic setting in which each child’s potential is realized and nurtured.

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At The Garden Road, we believe that each child is unique. Our goal as educators is to provide a safe and secure ecology where the natural brilliance of each child can be expressed without hindrance. This invitation is open to children of all nationalities and religious backgrounds, as we are all an integral part of the rich tapestry of human life.

Education is meant to be a joyous experience, even when challenging, and therefore we encourage the fun of learning. Children are naturally curious and willing; the curriculum and environment of The Garden Road are designed to keep the many pathways of learning open in each child. Children at The Garden Road are not measured in comparison with their peers, but through the careful notation of each child’s natural tendencies.

Mission Statement

The Garden Road School’s mission is to educate children for a purposeful future through a vibrant curriculum that merges academic excellence, creativity and core human values.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a system of education that is committed to preparing children to be able to make authentic choices and informed decisions in response to the needs of their future, and to promote awareness and value for human life, our changing planet, and the needs of our society as a whole.

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The Garden Road School is now located at the Mohegan Colony Schoolhouse in Crompond, NY. The schoolhouse is a stone building on a six-acre campus with an outdoor amphitheater.