The Garden Road Station Will Be Our Next Stop…

As we are nearing our 10 year celebration since the Garden Road began, I have been sorting through the many files and photos that we have collected throughout the years. I came across this beautiful poem written by one of our moms to her son in our early days. Just had to share it!


“To my son, three and a half years old.
The R train is my son’s favorite subway line.”

The R Train

R dear one
is for Road
our train is leaving
taking us to The Garden…

My lovely child
the Garden Road station
will be our next stop
where wisdom, knowledge and nature are one
and extraordinary things happen…

The place is ready
hands of many origins
are waiting
with songs and dances
with ribbons and magic…

My dear one
you are now three and half years old
this is my gift to you


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  1. Jina Tison says:

    Precious, precious.

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