Garden Road Gives Love to Our Veteran’s and Soldiers

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here is how Garden Road Students were sharing the love for the past few weeks:

Our elementary school students have an ongoing intergenerational exchange with the residents at the Seabury at Fieldhome assisted living residence, made possible by our CSE (Community Supported Education) coordinator, Lowry Reinauer.

It is a very rich and endearing relationship that has been fostered since last year’s Street Games event where the children and residents teamed up to create a group mural about street games.

Making Hearts for Soldiers

The children just recently participated in a community program, “Hearts for Soldiers” with the residents. The Seabury at Fieldhome created the program to let the soldiers know that they are “always in our hearts”.  The children along with residents, and other community members, created paper hearts for our soldiers overseas as well as for the veterans at the VA Hospital in Montrose.

The Garden Road elementary students decorated hearts in art class at school and also teamed up with the residents for a lively heart decorating afternoon.  Some of the residents were veterans themselves and shared their stories and experiences with the children.

"Dear Friends" this photo really captures the beautiful bond the children and the elders are fostering

Garden Road Students participated in an Official Presentation of the Hearts For Soldiers at The Seabury at Fieldhome on Friday, Feburary 3rd.  It was very moving to listen to some of our veterans speak and how significant it was for them to receive these hearts of gratitude for the service they have given to our country.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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  1. Guy Felixbrodt says:

    Beautiful! Definitely feeling the LUV from this piece. Thank you for sharing.

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