Dancing Our Way Through Black History Month

Belle leads the children in some african dancing

This week, guest educator Belle Ritter, took Garden Road students through a tour of Black History through dance, rhythm and music.

Getting into the rhythm...

She captivated the children (mixed ages 3-8) for an entire hour of high energy and fun; moving them through the ages of black history from its roots in African culture to the contemporary culture of today.

Feeling the instruments...The children had the opportunity to listen and touch some African percussion instruments and to really get them in the spirit, Belle brought some fun costumes for the children to try on.

Our local community is teeming with incredibly talented artists like Belle. With our developing model of Community Supported Education (CSE), programs like this one allows local artists to share their natural genius and inspire the children through hands-on experiential learning.

Miss Belle contages everyone to dance!

and for some contemporary... woop woop!

There is nothing like learning from someone who LOVES what they do.

Thank you Miss Belle!




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5 Responses to Dancing Our Way Through Black History Month

  1. David Loitz says:

    I really love how posts like this, highlight the power of CSE and provide a window into your classroom and the students learning. I wonder what kind of reflection you do with the students after learning like this. The Reggio Emilia approach often asks the students to reflect on their learning by drawing, storytelling, narrative, journaling. It always provides a way for teachers and the parents to understand what the students are learning and also give students a point of reference for learning later on.

    interested to learn more about this work.

    David Loitz

    • donna says:


      Yes, we also do a reflection process. One way we like to do this is to ask the children to draw or write thank you cards for the guest educator. This gives them a chance to process their experience and show their appreciation. Then we can observe what impressed them and the educator gets a really beautiful thank you from the children for their work.

      Receiving twenty hand drawn and hand written thank yous will most certainly make someone’s day :)

  2. Belle Ritter says:

    I had a blast! I felt so fortunate to be invited to work, once again, with students at The Garden Road School. And, yes, I do love what I do. Sharing my appreciation and joy of dance with others of all ages is the core of my personal and professional fulfillment and happiness. We all have a hidden dancer in us, especially when we hear the kind of music that makes us want to move! My job is to awaken that dancer spirit and draw it out… get it movin’ without inhibition!

    Thank you Garden Road Family!

  3. sirnitra says:

    i love black hisory month i think its verey nice an pretty cool to me . because im african american . myslef

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