Dear Friends,

After 11 wonderful years The Garden Road School has closed operations. It has been our privilege to offer an exceptional educational foundation to over 200 students and their families.

Many thanks to all of our staff, parents and friends who helped create this wonderful sanctuary for children to learn. The Garden Road School continues in our hearts and minds as we all move on to new adventures.

Warmest wishes,
Donna Mikkelsen, Founder/Director

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Students and teachers pose with beatboxer Michael Feigenbaum (center)

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Ava plants seeds with the children at our 10 year celebration

Town Supervisor Linda Puglisi presents Garden Road Founders with Award

Terese Giammarco, Linda Puglisi, Donna Mikkelsen and Edith Kimchi

At our 10 Year Celebration, Town Supervisor Linda Puglisi presented the Garden Road Founders with a beautiful certificate of award.

It says: “Your school has provided a successful educational model for the children. The combination of great teachers, artists, counselors, parents, students and donors, has made for a wonderful school. You are a great asset to our community and we wish you the best of luck and continued success! Congratulations and keep up the great work!”
Thank you Linda!

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John Taylor Gatto with Founders Donna Mikkelsen and Terese Giammarco

“I wish there had been a Garden Road School for my own kids. The whole place is a tribute to the energy, inspiration, and intelligence of its founders and staff. If we ever get the educational changes as a nation that we so desperately need, it will come from quiet little “can do” places like the Garden Road, not from Harvard or Washington. I heartily endorse this school.”

-John Taylor Gatto,
Former New York State Teacher of the Year, Author of Dumbing us Down